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Tafe Tractor 45DI 2WD


  Tafe Tractors Maputo Mozambique

Tafe Tractor 45DI 2WD

Modern Design
Excellent performance
Easy maneuverability
Simplicity of operation
Most modern hydraulic system

Standard Features
Shell fenders, hand & foot throttle, Hand parking brake, Tool box, spring suspension seat, Hour cum rpm meter, oil pressure gauge, coolant temperature gauge, fuel gauge, Ammeter, main beam indicator, ignition ON indicator.

TAFE's thrust on total quality is organization wide and is aimed at ensuring we as a corporate entity set the industry benchmarks for the quality of both products and services. Japanese quality management systems/ tools such as 5S, Kanban, Kaizen and Six Sigma find wide application in the company. TAFE pioneered the quality circle movement in the tractor industry and has over fifty quality circles in place.

TAFE is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

The focus on Total Quality Management, upgrading Vendor Quality and productivity and strategic tie-ups with quality management specialists from Japan and the change management exercise facilitated by the Warwick Management Group has paid rich dividends in terms of more cost effective operations as well as being acknowledged by customers as manufacturers of quality products.




Make/Type Simpson S325.1 Engine, 4 stroke, Direct Injection Diesel engine
Cylinders 3
Bore/Stroke 91.4/127 mm (3.6/5
Cubic Capacity 152 cubic inches (2.5) litres
Air cleaner Oil Bath Type
Cooling Pressurized water cooling
Fuel Injection Pump Make MICO Inline Pump
Fuel filter type 40.55 HP (29.6 Km) @ 2000 E rpm
Exhaust Vertical
Max. Engine Power 40.55 HP (29.6 Km) @ 2000 E rpm
Driving plate 12
Gear Box Sliding Mesh Eagle Gearbox with constant mesh gear at the input side and a palnetary reduction gear unit at the gear side to give 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds
Rear Axle Direct Drive with Crown Wheel and Pinion with differential lock
Power Take off
Type Engine PTO
Shaft Dia 34.9 mm (1 3/8
Splines 6
PTO Speed 540@ 1500 Erpm
Front Axle
Type Mechanical, internal expanding brake shoes acting on the rear wheels simultaneously or independently. The same braking is used to apply the parking brakes
Type Manual, Screw and Recirculating ball nut type unit
Hydraulic System
Pump Reciprocating Mark III fully submerged in oil
12 Volt Negative earth system 12 V/75 Ah
Starter Motor Key operated with neutral sfatey switch
Alternator 12V 36 A
Gauges & Indicators 2 headlights 2 Front Parking -cum-side indicator lights 2 Rear brake and side indicator lights 1 work lamp Hazard warning system
Wheels and Tyres
Front Wheel 6.00 X 16 8 ply rating
Front Tyre 6.00 X 16 8 ply rating
Rear Wheel 12.4 X 28 12 ply rating
Rear tyre 12.4 X 28 12 ply rating
Wheel Track
Front (48*x72*) 1220-1830 mm
Rear (52*x28*) 1320 -1960 mm
Adjustment steps (Both tracks adjustable in steps of 4
Dimensions and weight
Overall length 123.5
Overall width (mm) 65
Overall Height (mm) 87.6
Wheelbase (mm) 76
Min Ground Clearance 13. 4
Turning circle radius with brakes 130.7
Total Weight without accessories 1715 kg (3773 lbs)
Fuel tank 48 litres (10.56 Gal)
Engine lub oil 6.5 litres (1.43 Gal)
Hydraulic system 34 litres (7.5 Gal)
Cooling system 10.5 litres (2.31 Gal)
Steering box reservoir 0.9 litres (0.20 Gal)
Air Cleaner 10 litres
FIP cambox 0.9 litres
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