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Silent generator diesel KDE120SS3


  Kipor Diesel Silent Generators Maputo Mozambique

Silent generator diesel KDE120SS3
  Product Description
The noise level will be much lower due to the intake and exhaust gas double muffler and sound enclosure.
Generator will be installed more easily because the flue gas is at the top.
Control Panel will facilitate maintenance generator off and providing more information about voltage, amperage, frequency.
Fuel oil supply was repositioned to improve access for verification.
AVR improved output current limiting fluctuations at a low level.
To avoid damaging the system is equipped with overload protection which automatically shuts off the generator when the output voltage exceeds 110% of nominal power.
Comes with:
- Connector ATS
- Digital Display,
- Battery,
- Optional ATS.


Unique & Compact Structure

The generator set has a compact and unique design. The exhaust is ducted out from the top cover facilitating installation.

The layout of the oil and coolant inlet has been redesigned to permit easier access for service.


Low Noise Running

The Kipor super silent generator series offer unparalleled low noise levels. Kipor applies a unique double air inlet and

outlet design. The generator is equipped with a built-in large sound attenuating muffler and additional sound insulation

liners to limit noise.


Digital Control Panel

The DC generators can be paralleled together with two or more, without limitation on model or number. Appropriate

power capacity and number of paralleling units can be selected to meet different loads.


High Quality Power Output

The improved AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) limits voltage fluctuation to a very low level and ensures smooth

and steady output. Additionally, the AVR features built-in overload protection and will automatically shut off the

output at 110% of rated load.


Competitive Economic Advantage

The high efficiency combustion system is designed to reduce fuel consumption and operation costs.


ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch)

ATS continually monitors utility power and voltage/frequency fall below acceptable levels. It commands the generator

to start automatically and connect generator power to the intended load. Once proper utility power is restored, the ATS

stops the generator and reconnects utility power. The ATS has been designed to be installed either inside or outside

the generator set.

  Product Type - Digital, phase
Frequency - 50 Hz
Noise Level - 80 dB
Power - 100 kVA
Fuel - Diesel
Accessories - Yes
Dimensions (W x H x L) - 3380 X 1160 X 1760 mm
Nominal voltage - 220 V
Maximum power generator - 110 kVA
Fuel capacity - 295 L
Maximum engine power - 110 kVA
Displacement - 5900 cc
Engine type - 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, turbo
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