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Safety Hints  

Vuka Accessories Maputo Mozambique

Read before you ride
You must not ride your Vuka on public roads without:
Registering your Vuka with the Motor Vehicle Registering Authority.
Wearing your helmet; this must be securely fastened. Any passengers must also wear a suitable helmet.
It is recommended that shoes are worn (bare feet, sandals and flip-flops are not safe).
Gloves should be worn, especially in the cooler months, at night and any time you intend traveling faster than 40kph (a stone, or large insect hitting your hand at high speed, is very painful!).
A long sleeved jacket, zipped or buttoned up so that your neck and arms are protected (an angry wasp, buzzing about inside your shirt is something we recommend you avoid experiencing!). This is especially required in the winter and at night.
Brightly coloured clothing is helpful in enabling other road users to see you.
Long trousers, especially those of thicker material will protect you against a fall.
Lock your Vuka with our durable braided lock and keep it safe.
Ride with due regard for other road users.
Be aware of changing road conditions. Wet, slippery, and rough road surfaces decrease your control over your Vuka – SLOW DOWN.
Ride defensively; do not assume other road users will act as you expect them to.
Beware of animals on the road; dogs are a particular hazard and may attempt to chase you.
Safe Travelling!
The Vuka Quality Assurance
This is the cornerstone of our business. The 4 stages of quality control starts at our Vuka licensed factories (ISO 9001 compliant), followed by independent Quality Monitors, through the local assembly line to the final showroom quality checks. For further information, great deals and other models
call Telefax: +258 21 403792. Cell: +258 84 2446500 or go to agrimotovendas@intra.co.mz
The correct running-in procedure is vital to the continued long life and performance of your new Vuka.
All new engines are filled with standard multi-grade oil, which requires replacement at 500km, 1000km and every 2500km. This process removes the debris resulting from the manufacturing and running-in processes.
Failure to correctly run-in the engine or replace the oil at specified intervals, is a detectable condition and will invalidate your Vuka warranty.
As your Vuka engine is air-cooled, it is vital that the cooling fin are kept clean and free of accumulation of dirt, mud and other contaminants. Such accumulation increases the operating temperature of the engine and adversely affects engine life and oil quality.
Vuka Accessories


For retail prices contact: agrimotovendas@intra.co.mz
Vuka Rain Suit Vuka Reflective Vest Vuka Full Face AMA

Vuka Rain Suit

Includes jacket, pants, boots and rain mittens. Available in Black and Grey and Black and Orange.

Vuka Reflective Vest

Be visible. Be safe.

Vuka Full Face AMA

Available in Black, Matt Black and Silver.

Vuka Open Face VR1 Vuka Summer Fabric Gloves Vuka Winter Gloves

Vuka Open Face VR1

Available in Black, Matt Black and Silver.

Vuka Summer Fabric Gloves

Protects your hands.

Vuka Winter Gloves

Padded for extra warmth and comfort.
Vuka Bike Cover Vuka Braided Lock Vuka Top Box

Vuka Bike Cover

Keep your Vuka dust, scratch and rain free.

Vuka Braided Lock

Secure your Vuka With this durable lock.

Vuka Top Box

Carry around your belongings safely and comfortably.
Vuka License Disk Holder Tyre Inflator Chain Wax Vuka Oil

Vuka License Disk Holder

Keep your licence crisp and safe.

Tyre Inflator

No need to worry about getting a flat tyre.

Chain Wax

For a smoother, less noisy ride.

Vuka Oil

Keep your Vuka’s engine in pristine condition.

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